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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  February 15, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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winter weather advisories, and i agree with it. you folks up along the border, you are still under a winter weather advisory. and the white that you see there, the winter storm warnings for summerset county, garrett county, and also for western counties here. i'm telling you, tonight, tomorrow, and on wednesday, as well. for tonight's snow in the mix, ends early. windy and cold. low temperatures in the 20s. we'll come back and we'll talk about the rest of the week. looking ahead to another storm over the weekend, anita? >> oh boy. transformation officials in dc and maryland, already warning motorists to prepare for another long day behind the wheel tomorrow. >> crews have been working feverishly trying to clear the roads and the sidewalks. but there are still a lot of bottles out there that will bring your ride to work down to a crawl. right at university boulevard. i can see it looks bad.
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>> reporter: it is terrible out here. they have called out the cavalry. it looks like i'm standing on the giant mountain. this is actually suppose to be a sidewalk. and this is a major pedestrian, crosswalk. but as you can see, it's now buried under feet and feet of snow. but literally, a whole caravan of back hoses and plows, just showing up here a moment ago to try to get this area cleared up. and this is going to be a real disaster tomorrow. not only the pedestrian crosswalk, which you see, it is now covered under what, an eight foot pile of snow. it's a mess out here. people have to try to get across here and across connecticut avenue to get to university. it's a part of university at this intersection, that has lost a lane. all of that put together, would spell real disaster for mom morning's -- tomorrow morning's commute. under the weight of all that snow, trying to move off the
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road. northbound traffic in some spots, dropping from two lanes to one. so they want to get it out of here before tomorrow's commute. not soon enough but some. >> and maybe this is such a big storm that maybe, you know, they were overwhelming. i don't know. i'm sure they were busy. but i think that the main arteries, they should have done a better job. >> reporter: river road will be a true trouble spot. the left-turn lane has been turned into a snow dumping ground. the impact on the traffic is overwhelming. even today when a lot of people are still off. connecticut avenue and their many disappearing lanes caught a lot of drivers by surprise. >> it's just crazy. three lanes all the way up to there. and then it goes down to two. >> reporter: they got stuck in another mess on connecticut at baltimore on her day off. now, he's dreading the return to work tomorrow. >> i hope it's a two-hour
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delay. >> reporter: with this much chaos today on a light traffic day, some have already figured it out, how they will handle tomorrow. >> you worry about tomorrow's commute? >> no. we're not going to go. >> reporter: and if you have to walk down this stretch of connecticut avenue between university, this is suppose to be the pedestrian crosswalk. let me just tell you, it was a small pile that i'm standing out there right now. look at it, it's like eight feet tall. the crew just cleared the lane, but they have actually just taken out the pedestrian crosswalk. and it's unusable at this point. now, i'm not sure exactly how much work they will need to do here tonight. but i seriously doubt if they will be able to move all of this snow. it has to go somewhere. so pedestrians will really have a tough time getting through this area. the good news is, it looks like a part of the lane that was missing is being plowed at this hour. and anita and derek, back to you. >> all right, audrey barnes, we hope they are bringing in the dump truck to take some of the
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snow out of it. >> they need it. >> dc snow removal crews were out there clearing the curb lanes on that bridge. and the work caused major traffic jams in georgetown. crews will be clearing the inbound lanes after the rush hour. that snow will be carded off to rfk stadium. in fair texas county, take -- in fairfax county, it took administrators quite a bit of time. to help shovel the sidewalk and pathways near the school. peggy fox reports hundreds of parents and kids responded. >> reporter: it was the holiday that wasn't for many parents and students across the region. >> pretty hard. this is suppose to be my day off with no kids. >> so much for washington's birthday. there was no celebrating going on the the at cardinal forest elementary school in springfield. just hard labor. >> it's pretty hard. >> a heck of a lot of it. >> it's pretty rough. the top of it is like frozen.
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>> it's been sitting here for a few days. real packed down and a layer of ice underneath. >> reporter: at least 60 people answer the call to help shovel out pathways and even the black top. the students will be able to go outside for recess. and sáefl of these parents brought their kids to help. >> i am not enjoying this at all. they need something else to walk and community service hours for school. i thought it was a real good way to, you know, get my hours done and help also. >> reporter: for the teachers who teach in trailer like the spring teacher. they are especially grateful that their students will have a large clear path to their classrooms. >> they have their cellos and all of that. for them to maneuver that is quite a bit. i'm really touched. this is such a sensitive community at this school. >> reporter: after putting out a call for help, parents arrived with snow blowers and cut paths in front of the school. then they got pick axes and cut through the seven foot tall mound of snow and ice created
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by the snowplow. >> reporter: with all my heart, i can't say enough. >> they are asking drivers be extra cautious tomorrow. well, they need to clear the dangerous sidewalks for schools tomorrow. bruce leshan has been out there in situations. front loaders for them, and for three parts and tomorrow. >> also to be clear for them and all of that. it will be dangerous footing,
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out there. >> reporter: throughout the city, finding neighbors still digging neighborhoods out today. >> it has just gotten hard, like the refrigerator. >> reporter: the immediate area and around, for that as a kid. a new area on that in front of your house. and for that time. the fire hydrant has been cleared away. if you look at this thing, none of the sidewalks have been touched here. a lot of the kids use the public transportation, who's suppose to take care of that?
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residence in the 1700 block of the street northwest might have earned a gold star for their shoveling efforts today. the sidewalks and the entire block have been cleared. >> what do you think people don't shovel the sidewalks? >> not much. >> officials this afternoon said that the city streets are nearly clear and we need those sidewalks cleared as well. they encourage residence to form shoveling teens. bruce johnson, 9news now. >> and that snow is having a big impabt on trash and recycling dc. the cause of the holiday, trash that was suppose to be picked up today will be collected tomorrow. they can't get down to the snow-filled alleys. the department of public's work is putting the trash in dark plastic bags at the front curb. and recycling collections, suspended for the week. and the snow emergency is back to affect dc. they are subject to $250 tickets and they might be towed. for drivers out on area roads if the disappearing lanes and the snow bags don't get you,
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the potholes will. that story is coming up at 5:30. we want to let you know right now, 9news now will be on bright and early tomorrow morning at 4:30 a.m. with the latest weather and traffic conditions as well as any school closings and delays. a man accused of abducting the prince george's county school is awaiting extradition from tennessee. police say that the 41-year-old is in acquaintance of the victim's family. the 11-year-old, garcia, seen missing. and after the amber alert, they were stopped and arrested at the truck stop in madison county, tennessee. they are now back with their family. an autopsy being done now on the 3-month-old infant dying after being rushed to the hospital. somebody inside the home on livingston terrace in austin hills called 911 for the unresponsive moment. they don't suspect foul play. and police, they are not yet releasing that child's name. an electric space heater
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likely sparked the fire, breaking shortly out there. one woman had to be rescued. officials say that the space heater was simply too close to flammable materials. and piles of snow in the backyard and around the fire hydrant caused some delays in fighting that blaze. more questions tonight about the accused shooter of the university of alabama in huntsville. police say that amy bishop opened fire on campus last friday, killing three professors, and wounding three others. grieving relatives want to know why she was hired, despite a dispute with the former boss, who received a pipe bomb, and the shooting death of her brother. investigators declined to discuss a motive, but he was said to be resentful of being denied ten years at the university. the university maryland is retiring after leading the campus for 12 years. in a statement, the 73-year-old educator says, "as i prepare to leave the presidency, i'm even more confident that when i arrive at the university of maryland, they are set in just the right circumstances to become a truly great
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university." but he will step down in august and return to the academic position as the engineering professor. >> with the surprise announcement this afternoon. the moderate democrat is not going to seek the third term. and that's including the major blow that they are worried about losses to the upcoming midterm election. that there is just too much partisanship for him on the hill to keep going. >> reporter: after all of these years. >> my passion to my fellow services are undiminished. but my desire to do so by serving in congress has gone. >> he was facing a challenge. so is today president's day, a holiday, or george washington's birthday? officials at mount vernon said that it should be referred to as george washington's birthday. a law decade ago that moved many public holidays to monday, set the celebration as the third monday, february. and the government website that lists federal holidays
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also calls today washington's birthday, but acknowledges that some people like to call it other things like president's day. still to come, nearly two dozen people are killed, after two commuter trains collide head on into the snow. coalition forces states a very tough enemy as they launch that big new defensive for them. and i'm with johnson, a story that is coming up. all the accumulation is pretty much over the beltway. we'll take you out to live doppler radar for them in fairfax counties and a little bit of the rain and mix off to the east, our friends, and prince george's county as well. and we'll come back and we'll talk about when the snow showers are off for good and looking ahead for the rest of the week. maybe some snow will melt, stay tuned.
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we have breaking news from new jersey where an investigation is underway. the federal aviation administration says that two people were killed when the aircraft went down around 4 p.m. and at the executive airport. another three people are unaccounted for. that airport is located right near the jersey shore, about 35 miles east of trepbton -- trenton. details are still emerging. overseas, at least 18 people died following the train collision in belgium today. a commuter train ran the stoplight and crashed head on into the cars headed in the opposite direction. 30 survivors are still in the hospital. and several in very serious condition. >> it is an awful disaster. we don't do ranking of disasters. just a very sad day. we have both colleagues and passengers on that train. a very sad day. >> the red cross in belgium is appealing for blood donations to help hospitals to treat all the people hurt in that train
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crash. it is day three of the major coalition defenses in afghanistan. allied forces hope to push them out of one of their remaining stronghold. but that push has not been easy. reporting that the fighting is just the first part of the new white house battle plan. >> reporter: 15,000 american british afghan forces dodge snipers firing from all sides, as they try to move deeper into the talibaning stronghold -- taliban stronghold. >> we think that it will be 38. more work here in washington. and i think we're off to a good start. very optimistic. >> reporter: the battle for the southern city is the largest defenses in afghanistan, since the u.s. lead invasion in 2001. and the goal is to force out the taliban, so they could no longer provide the safe haven to al qaeda terrorists. the top u.s. commander, is pleased with how things are going. >> and while this is an afghan lit up operation, i think that it will highlight the special partnership that we have developed, that i'm very proud
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of. >> reporter: they hope to provide them with the taliban alternative. they call it the clear hold and bill. after securing the city, they will help set up a new civil government. general stanley mccrystal's top priority is winning over the afghan people. but on sunday, a major setback. a rocket hit a house by mistake. and killed as many as 12 civilians. >> this ail nates the population. this will enter afghan myth tholg, used against the government and against us. >> reporter: the general issued an apology. late monday, nato officials said another air strike killed at least five civilians. the u.s. and coalition commanders know they can't afford many more mistakes if they hope to approve the fragile relationship with the afghan people. whit johnson,cbs news, the white house. reporting one american and one british soldier and at least one had been killed in the new
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offenses. the international space station now has a designer- style observation deck. installing the $27 million lookout using a robotic arm today. it has seven windows providing 360-degree views of earth which is pretty cool. the shutters on the window will be unlocked tomorrow and cranked open on wednesday. a second bit of the snow is tracking east tonight. blaming for more than a dozen accidents in nashville, including this one, a jackknife tractor trailer that looks nasty. they were similar in lexington, connecticut. forcing this morning to help motorists get a bitter grip in the icy huntsville, alabama. you know, there are so many of his parents that really need the kids to go back to school. i mean, yeah. >> everybody in the house will eventually go back. >> okay. >> you can see that for later and they go back. >> okay, there you go. >> you know, we're still not
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completely dug out. some of us from the storm. this is video from rockville this morning. look at the cards, they are still right there. >> wow. >> yeah, covered. and so folks, they have some work to do if they think they will take that to the work or the school tomorrow. and let's go to the maps here. the next few days, it'll be okay. we'll melt some of this. it won't be windy. just a lot of clouds around. a few flurries. that's about it. the upper 30s. that was cool. upper 30s on wednesday. and then we might even hit 40s on thursday. so we have a few days that will be kind of quiet it looks like. all right tonight, snow in the mix, ending early. windy and cold. a trace to an inch additionally. low temperatures in the 20s. eventually tonight, they will get slippery as you get temperatures below that, especially below midnight. picking up southwesterly. and let me show you what we have on live doppler 9,000 right now. you can access this on the web. most of the activity is now south and east of i-95.
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but there is some snow to the west. and it is kind of building a little bit. the surface area is now pretty much gone. waiting for the upper level low to come through. keeping it going for a little bit. take a look at live doppler radar. and down to the south, this is a little bit of the mix. and south of the play, just plain old fashion rain. we'll zoom in a little bit. down i-95 until you get to 35. that is about it really. 35 at gaithersburg. everything is above freezing which is kind of nice, at least on the roads. 36 vienna and 37 at woodbridge. tomorrow morning, mostly cloudy and cold. a flurry, especially north of town. and by the afternoon, mostly cloudy, windy, cold. winds northwesterly and gusty. and a clipper too, we'll come back in
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half an hour and show you some of the video from columbus, ohio. the first area of the precipitation, will continue in the mountains. and west of the divide for them tonight and tomorrow. windy tomorrow, upper 30s. we should hit 40s for them, things seem pretty nice, upper 40s on friday. another weak system for them. and this afternoon, saturday night, does not have a lot of moisture. a little bit of the light snow possible. and dedicating that time yesterday. >> how do they look up there? >> there was a pipe. starting at 4:30 in the morning because of the traffic. now coming for them, at the pipe. and we will see it. >> i was scared of it.
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>> and this weather system is definitely having an affect for them. and prince george's county, closed. two-hour delay for the employees. and the kids are staying home in prince george's county. welcoming up, a call for a pretty close dispatcher in training at home. >> he's joking on something. >> who is? >> jacob. >> after the break, we'll show you how that 911 dispatcher helped his wife save their own child. we'll be right back.
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911, what are you reporting? >> jacob is joking on something. >> who is? >> jacob. >> turn the baby face down, lying along your forearm, okay? >> fake your hand and stroke the back five times. >> it's okay, okay? >> okay. >> wow. chris is actually training for that dispatcher job. he said he relied on his mail tear job and more veterans and stayed more calm than he did. >> i was laid back and relaxed and training was my work and
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training with the military, and i tried to stay as home as possible, because if i were calm, it would make her feel better and not panic too much. >> i turned him upside down and that did not work. and hoping that my husband would answer. and tell me what to do. and i felt better. >> oh yeah. 911 dispatchers were in the same room and he just happened to be the one. >> chris, you are the man. that was amazing. annual seasons for them. >> and a back-to-back blizzards, only making it for them and a live report coming up. it's that time of the year. i'm janet troy, and
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the dog show. we'll give you a behind-the-scene look coming up.
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and a lot of traffic lanes are still covered with snow, getting some more right now. dc officials are urging them and teens to clear the walkways and the city crews. still presenting a danger to youngsters as they attempt to go back to class tomorrow. and there were some huge backups today on the inner loop of the beltway of alexandria. all thanks to the huge potholes. developing on roadways all across the area as the nasty weather continues to assault
5:31 pm
the row swropb -- region. scott broom is live, via skype, with more on just how bad it is looking for your tires and the rims, and everything else, scott? >> reporter: it's looking really bad and happening fast, like everything that's going on. the scale of this is monumental, unfolding quickly. just hard to get your head around. >> reporter: emergency pothole repairs, shutting down all but one lane of the beltway through alexandria today, just past the telegraph road. some motorists are shocked at how quickly roads have deteriorated. while stressed out highway crews still have their hands full getting the snow off the streets. >> we got snowed out three to four days. so i'm sure that the potholes will be the last one out there. >> reporter: back in alexandria, backing up while the work crews used torches to keep the materials out there.
5:32 pm
meanwhile, a park out there, just before the beltway, another mother of all potholes have closed that left lane north. it's so deep, swallowing the orange cones. they are scattered all over the roads. the highway officials, they say that they are aware of it, but they have not fixed it yet. the snow removal is not finished. that remains the priority. >> and to look at your car. >> and they were like, i don't know if you would like it, to turn over. you know, it will spoil your moment. >> reporter: meanwhile, viewers are posting pothole warnings on our website, and because these prime pothole conditions are breezing and thawing and pounding. and they will not be going away until all the snow is finished melting. and no one is forecasting when that will be. >> reporter: and it is snowing again now, along i-95 here in maryland, which means the guys that mite be out, doing the emergency pothole remares instaid are out salting and preparing to plow again tonight.
5:33 pm
that's why the posted warnings on, might be really helpful. because some of these potholes are quite dangerous as i saw it today. it does not look like they are getting fixed very quickly. scott broom, 9news now. >> thank you, scott. well, there are some good news from all the snow that is driven down to the man for gasoline. saying that nationwide gas sides fell out there over the last week. and that means that the cheaper prices will be at the pumps. falling for the fifth week in a row. here in our region, now averaging $2.69. that's down seven cents in the last month. nationwide for the gal ran of the regular grade is down $2.62. in southwestern sraád, they were closed today because of the roof of the school gym collapsed. no one inside with when it happened. trying to figure out if snow on the roof was a factor. and snow and ice may have played a role in the collapse of the ice rink out there. they were ubdzway inside.
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and when people began hearing the loud cracking noise yesterday. that warning alerted everyone to get out before they came crashing down, unfortunately, no one was hurt. blowing snow is to blame for the massive pileup in kansas city. the car slammed into one the another on the icy bridge. a part of the highway was shut down for hours. in all, about 50 people ended up getting hurt. most just suffered cuts and scrapes. a few were serially injured. we've got an update for you now. and that's the polish foods rescued from that story. apparently they struck a cord worldwide. people are pleading for updates and photos from the crew of the ship that came to the dog's aid. and in response to all the interest, they are getting their own facebook page. what else? >> the the annual dog show is underway. they are getting pretty hairy with thousands of pooches to be thing top dogs there. going behind the scenes to try to check out some of the fierce competition.
5:35 pm
in the dove world, it's the closest thing to the olympics. >> and we always come out here to win. and we come with that attitude. >> reporter: 2500k-9s, 173 breeds. >> he's one of the best of the best. coming to madison square garden. they are here to compete in the 134th dog show. all the dogs here are buying for the top prize. and best in show. the judging takes place for thousands of them and the spotlights out here. and some dogs can take up to a full day to prepare back here. >> reporter: hair driers, hair spray, flat irons and even corn starch for the veteran show dogs. and it takes all this and more to get ready. >> we just keep the hair wrapped up in between shows to protect it from the elements. and now we are just working it out. >> reporter: for some dogs, it's the first time in the big ring.
5:36 pm
for others, there's only one chance left. >> this is going to be his last time out. he's being retired as of this year. >> oh no. >> yeah. >> how old is he? >> six. >> is that your retirement age? >> yes. we're taking out his son next. >> reporter: but the real rough competition comes tuesday. they will have to win the best of breed and then the best of group, before moving onto the finals when the dog who is best in show takes the crown. janet choy, cbs news, new york. >> i think a few of the dogs spend more time on their hair than i do. 2500 dogs are competing for the top prize of the best in show. a 4-year-old scottish terrier named sadie is considered one of the big favorites to win that honor and the 3-year-old bulldog named razzle dazzle is acing among one of the winners. the cbs evening news is less than an hour away. in tonight for katie couric, joining us live with a preview of what to expect, maggie?
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>> you too, guys. ten minutes. just like that. easier than a dog. coming up here tonight, we're going to take you to africa and a growing adoption scandal there. children are being paid for, taken from their home and sent to the u.s. a special cbs news investigation tonight. plus, you'll meet a man who spent nearly a year in space. and we'll go inside the life of this astronaut and steve hartman's story. so those stories and a lot more tonight only on the cbs evening news. back to you. >> and this is every three days. >> thank you, maggie. >> and a famous movie director said he was kicked off because he is too fat. to want, the airline is saying sorry. g÷gyç
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leaving your shoes will make the house a little healthier and a little greener for your family. you can get more tips on and just click on living green. his manager says that the lead singer of the group called the knack lost his battle with cancer yesterday. he wrote the next 1979 hit song about a former girlfriend. doug was just 67. youtube says that the video for the 26th anniversary of we are the world has been viewed more than 4 million times online. and a 3 minute version aired during friday night's
5:41 pm
opening ceremony of the winter olympics in vancouver. the full 7 minute video was broadcast over the weekend. proceeds raised from the sale of the song will of course benefit earthquake relief in haiti. actor and director kevin smith says, as we just heard, he was thrown off the southwest airlines flight because well, he is too fat. the creator of movies called, "clerks," and others posted comments on twitter. saying he was already sitting down and buckled up when he was asked to get off the plane in the oakland airport after the slew of the angry comments on the website, southwest issued a heartfelt apology to smith. >> wow. tuition is just the beginning of the financial burden of going to college. coming up, a brand new trend to save students a bundle. we are rocking the red at capitol's ice side. we're not talking about alex. what are we talking about? it's all about the ladies.
5:42 pm
i'm dave owens and i'll have that story. we're looking at the snow in the mix that is winding down here in the metro area. to take you out to satellite picture. snowing in the mountains all night. the first round of the precipitation is pretty much over with here. we'll talk about the possibility of the freezing tonight or the refreezing tonight. looking ahead to the rest of the week. stay tuned. i need pain relief that won't mess with my grip.
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[ male announcer ] icy hot no-mess applicator. wherever you hurt, it massages in icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away. no pain. no mess. the number of deaths reported due to sudden acceleration in toyota vehicles is growing. the federal government now says they have received complaints, alleging 13 additional deaths, and have gotten those complaints over the past few weeks. those deaths occurred in nine crashes between 2005 and 2010. and 21 deaths have been reported previously. toyota has recalled 8.5 million vehicles worldwide because of the problems with his gas pedals, they do plan to take another look at possible electronic problems with those vehicles. and the auto maker says there are still no decisions on
5:46 pm
it. they will appear before congress. toyota says that they will still working out the details of the trip. last week, they said that they did plan to come to the united states to talk to american workers and the dealers. many college students have had a week off because of all the bad weather. and tonight's consumer alert now that it is time to hit the books once again, they show us a way that they could do it for less. >> reporter: this science major struggles with the cost of the textbooks. paying hundreds just for his biology class. >> it's around $250, and the lab book is almost $150. so it's a lot. >> reporter: a used copy saves money. but an even cheaper money is growing in popularity. this would cost $150 to buy new. the rental is about $64. barns and noble started --
5:47 pm
barnes and noble started their opportunities. >> this is a perfect opportunity to save some of the cash that they need it and return to the finals. >> reporter: this is one of the first to roll out the rent. and claims to have saved students more than $145 million since 2007. and as this trend takes shape, another one gave ground. >> the ipads. >> reporter: e-readers are creating a bigger market for the digital textbooks. who knows with the right discount, more students might opt to turn to the electronic page. >> reporter: lesli foster, 9news now. and three out of four students still prefer paper. but with many of them stuck with books, they may never read again. the savings from the rented book could really make a difference. >> 9news now at six is less than 15 minutes away. here's a look at the fresh new stories that we'll have for you tonight. a 17-year-old takes a toddler and there's no trace of either of them. more details at 6. and plus, prince george's county schools just announced they will be closed tomorrow.
5:48 pm
see why they are not ready to open. details on the new credit card rules. going into effect next week. they could save you some serious money. tune in tonight at six. and the snow came, but they did not concur. >> yes. >> and this is why if you're a snow lover, that you don't pin any hopes. >> they will break your heart. >> yeah. >> we'll take you out where they did not break anyone's heart, at least give that there. they give to columbus ohio. getting hammered today. look at the visibility. almost a quarter of a mile. anywhere from 6 to 10 inches. >> wow. >> that's pretty impressive. >> yes, that's plenty. >> that's what brought us our little snow here again. they will continue to snow in the mountains, right on through wednesday. look at that car. just fresh. and one thing, i forgot to ask is if you have a deck, you probably should shovel it off. probably should do that. at least get most of it off. the next three days. all right, 38 tomorrow. and windy. could see a flurry. upper 30s, almost 40 on wednesday. if we don't make 40 on
5:49 pm
wednesday, we should make 40 on thursday. pretty nice, partly cloudy. kind of the calm week now once tkpwe get through the clipper. tonight, ending early. trace of an inch additionally. low temperatures in the 20s. i'm a little bit concerned after we get down below freezing, especially after midnight. there will be some refreezing. the winds are southwest at 10 to 15. let me show you live doppler. access this on the web. we do have a little bit of activity. most of it still to the east across i-95. we'll zoom in a little bit of the mix. kind of down i-95. a little bit of the snow towards northwest dc. and up around national. kind of that side as you go down and towards here. but everything is very light. and really for the most part, very little additional accumulation in the immediate metro area more to the west. let's go back to the computer. we'll talk about temperatures. thankfully, still above freezing. 35 at brookville. 37 at bell haven. and 37 out there. a little cooler out to the
5:50 pm
west. 34 at charlestown. and tomorrow morning, mostly cloudy, windy, and cold. could see a flurry. temperatures in the 20s and the 30s. by the afternoon, mostly cloudy and highs in the upper 30s. winds are westerly at 10 to 20. and a little bit on the gusty side. satellite picture, radars combined. it is a healthy clipper. look at the snow, snowing all the way down to alabama. one of the chances that they had snow now twice in the last four days. well, they have. it's going to keep snowing through the appalachians, with the lake effect snow, and the low pressure moving on out to see that early explosion. but as far as we're concerned, kind of in the dry spot. everything is shutting down quickly. upper 30s tomorrow, wednesday, near 40s on thursday. upper 40s on friday. still a slight chance of the little light snow on saturday night. the system should be suppressed to the south. that's kind of weak anyway. we're still cold, but dry. back in the upper 30s on sunday and monday of next week. and a reminder, because of the rush hour tomorrow, get ready, we'll be on early for the storm
5:51 pm
alert. tomorrow, 9news now beginning at 4:30 in the morning. >> thank you, topper. and the kind of hockey thing going on olympic wise. >> we've got five capitols for them. none of them playing for the united states. we've got three for russia, one for sweden. and one for somebody else. but we just don't have that many americans on the capitol. >> we've got american women and some in this town to play pretty well. in case you missed it, the the hockey team, putting a first class beatdown on china in the first round of the olympic tournament yesterday to the tune of 2 -- 12-1. the u.s. and the canada are the power houses when it comes out there. as they report tonight at the next winter games, the roster could be filled with washington tone yaps. the truth is, we don't normally think of girls as ice hockey players. >> they are like oh, it's field hockey and i'm like no, it's ice hockey. >> not as popular as basketball and soccer. but trust me, the highlights on tv are rare. >> they don't realize that
5:52 pm
there are girls hockey. >> this is one place. and on this team. you've seen the washington and the prep stations. maying the sports that they look -fp. t-f quite incredible. they welcomed me. they were nice. they challenge you as a player. >> reporter: on display as the recent talent cup along exist -- exist along u.s. and canada. not only do they give them the ladies an opportunity to showcase their skills among friends and family, flu are college souths in the audience as well. >> when you're all look tp-rg players to give them an opportunity to get to college and with that education. >> reporter: something that they pushed to do that is well aware of. in fact, he has had a few five players move onto the the next. the scholarships for girls that play ice hockey. the night they say this is more
5:53 pm
to it than that. >> it is not all about scholarships. the girls here are incredible and amazing and they khal you. t-rz >> dave opens. 9news no. for the report. they finished 6th out of this woebd. pretty good. favored far medal possiblied gold which had anger. thothey would be fine with that and that is what that is. >> what if they don't get it? >> it's armageddon. >> yes. in a bad move. they don't care. up next, that will be coming right downtown. yes, they do. up next, fixing parts without going to the operating room. new technology, hoping more kids live well. go ahead. >> we're always on
5:54 pm
finding celine dion. my heart will go on.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
this is what a safe looks like after it's been in a fire. tonight, our continuous coverage of the reports.
5:57 pm
putting several supposedly fireproof safes to the test. and find out tonight the at 11 p.m. actor and the comedian made a pit stop in arlington to spread the word about his latest project. chronic culinary disease and the forth leading cause of death this suffered from pof had been ken -b colonel owl of his illness. if you have smoked over 100 cigarettes in your life, you sould take a stringer. just five questions on chprment >> -l, the fashion tal that had prague him -- and our website that has brought him to town.
5:58 pm
go to our website, click on living well. for kids born with heart defects could mean several heart disease surgery. some children can have the heart sraáfl sticks without that -- valve fix without that heart surgery. >> reporter: she's a typical 9-year-old -- he's a typical 9-year-old. then at age 7, facing a second open heart surgery to replace that's when his family opted tab is and without oh surging at the work family the children's hospital. he has thrived every since. just fda approved. it will now be available how, e ta that will stench out there.
5:59 pm
just expanding the sent. and then that stays in there, functions very well. and this could easily last null he's, you know, a full adult size. either we make this valve bigger or avoid the need for the open heart surgery. >> reporter: in the meantime, they pray that his spirit and his parents are thankful. >> we are buying time. delaying the surgery. what i'll try to get is better for im-- him. >> reporter: it is available to pediatrics. like other heart sraáfls, this is not -- valves, and overtime, it may require a replacement. thank youing for join us. 9news now at six starts right now. hello, i'm bruce johnson. another blast of the winter weather today. top her standing by in the


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